Letter of Invitation

Letter of Invitation
Participants are advised to make their own arrangements with respect to entering South Africa.

Individuals requiring an official letter of invitation, in order to obtain a visa and authorisation to attend the Congress, will be able to complete the Letter of Invitation link below and immediately print your personalised letter.

The Letter of Invitation should be considered as an official invitation to facilitate the processing of visas and/or documents needed for single entry to be able to attend the Congress.  All delegates are responsible for the payment of all fees and expenses related to your participation at the Congress and visa applications, as well as any necessary insurances for health and travel.  This invitation does NOT include any financial aid such as waived fee, financial support or accommodation.  Any misuse of the document will be subject to legal action. 

Please apply for your visa within reasonable time. 


For further questions on registration, please contact us on yeasts@easternsun.co.za