Terms & Conditions

1.   Delegates wishing to host workshops are invited to submit a proposal for consideration. The purpose must be clearly        presented in the proposal and no late submissions will be considered.

2.   Full proposal to be submitted online by 24 July 2024

3.   Full proposals will be acknowledged and the results will be via email by 9 August 2024

4.    All facilitators and speakers are requested to register for the conference by 15 August 2024.  
       If no registration and payment has been received by this deadline, the presentation will not be listed in the
This measure has been taken to overcome any “no-shows” disrupting the programme.

5.   Please read the submission requirements carefully as proposals submitted can not be changed later.  

6.   Potential or Perceived Conflict of Interest: If the research is funded (partially or fully) by a proprietary organisation, a          statement to that effect must be included at the bottom of the proposal.

7.   Approved workshops will carry a workshop fee of R20 00.00


We welcome workshop proposals related to the thematic areas outlined below, although submissions are not limited exclusively to these topics.

  • Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation Strategies in Agrifood Systems.  
  • Farm Management, Climate Change and Sustainability.
  • The role of Agricultural Economics in the Just-Energy Transitions.
  • Climate Change Education & Communication Strategies in Agriculture
  • Climate-related Technology Adoption in the Agriculture Sector.
  • Scientific and Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Climate Change Adaptation.
  • Agro-based Climate and Carbon Finance for Adaptation, Mitigation and Carbon Credits.
  • Carbon Footprint of the Agriculture and Agro-Tourism Sectors.
  • Market and Trade Dynamics in Changing Climates.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations for Climate Resilience in Agriculture.
  • Policy, Governance and Climate Change in Agriculture.
  • The Interface Between the Circular Economy and Agricultural Economics
  • Propose any other topics that are relevant to the main theme of the event.


(use the grey button at the end of this document to start the process)

1.   Sign In:  Please sign into the submission portal with your account email address and password. If you have
      not yet submitted a proposal, please create a new account. The host needs to create the account
      as results will be sent to the account holder.

2.   Contact Information:  Complete the information required on the Contact Information tab.

Instructions to Author

3.   Title & Presentation Type:

  • Insert the full title of the proposed workshop. Title should not exceed 30 words.

4.   Theme:

  • Choose category you wish to submit under from the drop down menu.

5.   Authors & Affiliations:

  • Author(s) Affiliation
  • Authors(s)
  • The name of the host author must appear first in the list of authors
  • Host Author Biography

6.   Proposal Upload:

  • Abstract - Abstract text is not required. Please type "NA" to bypass this section. 
  • Proposals are uploaded as a Word Doc. 

7.   Review:

  • This will allow you to review that all sections have been completed. Changes can only be made to draft versions.

8.   Submit:

  • Before you submit you must agree to the ‘Terms & Conditions’.

Please note the following deadline dates for presenters

24 July 2024                    Submissions deadline

9 August 2024                 Notification of Acceptances

15 August 2024               Submitter's Registration Deadline

9 - 11 September 2024    AEASA Conference 2024



In terms of the Copyright Act, No 98 of 1978, no part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without permission in writing from Eastern Sun Events.