Please note below are recommendations, so if you have any special requests, kindly email us in advance to ensure that we can accommodate it.

1. Uploading of Presentations: Day 1 presenters to kindly upload 1 hour prior to the start of the session. Speakers on remaining days to load 24 hours before they are due to present (those that did not send their presentations for preloading). We encourage all presenters to send their presentations in advance for preloading.

2. Embedded Files: All embedded files/video clips are to be saved as independent files in the same folder as the presentation.  Use pictures/movies/audio files as embedded objects, not as linked files. There will not be a keyboard or mouse to progress your slides, only a wireless presenter (clicker), so please set all media files to start “automatically” and not “when clicked”. AV technicians will check fonts, formats, videos and sound. Recommended formats for videos: MP4, Wav. Recommended formats for pics: Gif or Jpg. 

3. Hardware: The AV Company uses its own integrated systems and your presentation will be uploaded to a server; from there it gets sent through a secure network directly to the venue that you will be speaking in.

We will allow a speaker only use their own device if the presentation format is not IBM compatible, contain a large amount of videos or require presenter view.

A cable will be provided at the lectern and all appropriate adaptors are to be brought along (MACS: Thunderbolt to VGA converter or mini display port).

A wireless presenter (clicker) will be provided at the lectern. It has a forward button, back button and laser pointer. Ask the technician to demonstrate the wireless presenter to you and to advise how the timer lights will work. The digital timer will be controlled by the room technician.

4. Software: For compatibility purposes please use PowerPoint for all presentations. Notes view will be available in all the venues. Avoid the use of non-standard Windows fonts.  If you are using specific, non-Standard Windows fonts or Apple fonts not known on Standard Windows, then provide font when you upload. Prezi users need to set their presentation to advance with clicker (you will not have a mouse to navigate or zoom in on your presentation). Layout will be 16:9 landscape.

5.  Copyright: Pdf’s of presentations will only be uploaded to the congress website post-congress. An email address will be provided for those that did not give consent.

6.   Venue: Please sit at the front of the venue by the reserved signs. Session chairs will introduce speakers prior to each presentation. Q&A should be included in your presentation unless a Q&A slot has been allocated in your session. Please keep to your allocated time so that the programme does not overrun.

7.   Presentations to be dropboxed or sent via to prior to the congress for preloading. Presentations to be saved in the following format: TimeSurnameVenueDay Eg: 12h00JonesSomerset1Friday