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The CBTASA (CBT Association of South Africa) was officially founded in October 2019. We are a constituted, organisation without profit aims and are affiliated with the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT) https://eabct.eu. Our association represents a network of vetted CBT therapists and trainers, each of which is concurrently registered with their own respective professional body. The CBTASA also collaborates with academic and other training institutions, thus ensuring that all CBT generations are represented by the CBTASA. Treatment fidelity is encouraged in everything we do through strict adherence to CBT models and the competent application of available methods. 

What is CBT?

An umbrella term for different models of evidence-based psychotherapies ('talking therapies') that are applied by mental health specialists. CBT represents a constantly evolving methodology, comprised of first, second, and third generations. It can be thought of as the three parts of a treeā€”the roots, trunk, and various branches. These parts make up the three generations.

First Generation CBT (roots): Behaviour therapy, developed in the 1940s by Wolpe, Skinner, Eysenck and Lazarus. Originating from behaviourism, with the focus on how behaviour is learned in reaction to environmental influences. Behaviour modification is still applied in combination with other techniques in following generations. 

Second Generation CBT (trunk): REBT (Albert Ellis, 1950s) and Cognitive Therapy (Aaron Beck, 1960s) included addressing thoughts in treating behavioural problems. Behavioural and cognitive techniques are applied to accommodate the reciprocal link between thinking, feeling, and actions within a given context. The style of application and areas of emphasis differs between these models.

Third Generation CBT (branches): Emerged in the 1970s and 1980s - MBCT, Schema Therapy, DBT, ACT, and later Unified Protocol, MCT, CBASP, TBCT, CFT, etc, each with their own theoretical foundations and intervention techniques. Considered transdiagnostic in nature, with an integration of different principles and methods from previous generations to varying degrees. 

CBTASA Congress 2024

This inaugural event promises to be a remarkable gathering of leading experts, professionals, and educators in the field of cognitive behavioural therapy. Our esteemed line-up of speakers has made significant contributions to the field and have been carefully selected to provide insights that will greatly contribute to the understanding and use of cognitive behavioural therapy.

In addition to captivating keynote presentations and insightful panel discussions, we have also curated an impressive array of educational workshops and interactive sessions that allow participants to delve deeper into specific topics. These hands-on experiences will empower you with practical skills that can be immediately integrated into your professional practice and/or working environment. Attendees will have the privilege of immersing themselves in a stimulating environment where knowledge is shared, innovations are explored, and relationships are forged.

The congress seeks to emphasise:

-        fostering the transferability and accessibility of skills
-        addressing the unique psychotherapeutic requirements within the African context
-        a wide array of stimulating discussions
-        curated symposia and interactive sessions

Furthermore, as technology continues its rapid advancement towards transforming every aspect of our lives, it is essential for professionals in the field of cognitive behavioural therapy to stay ahead. The CBTASA Congress in 2024 serves as an unparalleled opportunity for individuals seeking growth within this dynamic landscape. Join us at this prestigious event as we explore new frontiers in cognitive behavioural therapy including cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence.



We understand that networking plays a crucial role in fostering collaborations and creating lifelong connections within any industry. The congress is expected to host several world-renowned and well-respected CBT scholars and pioneers. Hence, we have meticulously designed various social events, including a conference dinner, where participants can engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals from around the world.

Whether you are new to the field, or a seasoned professional seeking advanced techniques and strategies, our curated scientific and educational programme has something exceptional for everyone.

Secure your place at the CBTASA 2024 Congress in Cape Town and be prepared to be inspired, enlightened, and empowered like never before.

Venue: UCT GSB Academic Conference Centre, Protea Marriott Hotel Breakwater Lodge, Cape Town

Keynote Speakers

Dr Judith Beck
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Message from Dr Judith Beck - Click Here

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