Workshop Leader:

Tyrone Edgar - SA

Workshop Leader:

Dr David Edwards, PhD - SA

Workshop Leader:

Dr Jaco Rossouw, PhD - SA

Workshop Presenters:

David Rosenstein - SA

Bertus Swanepoel - SA

Hannes Wessels - SA

Workshop Presenters: 

Dr Anita Padmanabhanunni - SA

Dr Pieter Kruger - SA

Dr Ashraf Kagee - SA

Dr Duane Booysen - SA

Mariam Salie - SA


Judith S. Beck, PhD - USA

Judith S. Beck, PhD, is President of the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Workshop Day 1

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Dr Allen Miller, PhD - USA

Dr Miller is the director of CBT programs at Beck Institute

Workshop Day 2

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Dr Lata McGinn, PhD - USA

Dr McGinn is the president of the World Confederation of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (WCCBT), a global multidisciplinary organization comprised of six regional CBT membership organizations (ABCT, ACBTA, AACBT, EABCT, ALAMOC, and IACBT)

Workshop Presenters: 

Dr Carolyn Hinds - UK

Dr Carolyn Hinds is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Honorary Lecturer in Clinical Psychology, School of Psychology, Bangor University.

Jane Moses - UK

Jane Moses is a Consultant Health Psychologist and DBT team leader in a PersonalityDisorders pathway having worked in the NHS over 20 years across a range of settings. Janealso has a small supervisory private practice specific to eating disorders as well as DBT.

Mindfulness-Based Interventions Workshop

Workshop Presenter:

Dr Linda Kantor - SA

Dr Linda Kantor is a Counselling Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Yoga Teacher, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

More speakers to follow

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