What are the dates and location of the ASLM2023 Conference?

The ASLM2023 Congress will take place from 12 – 15 December 2023 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in, Cape Town, South Africa.

Who can attend the ASLM2023 Conference?

The ASLM2023 Congress is open to laboratory professionals, public health experts, clinical specialists, healthcare providers, leaders from public and private sectors, non-profit and multilateral organisations, academia, and healthcare practitioners interested in laboratory medicine in Africa.

How can I register for the ASLM2023 Conference?

Registration for the ASLM2023 Congress can be done online through our official website. Visit the registration page and follow the instructions to secure your spot.

What topics will be covered at the ASLM2023 Conference? 

The ASLM2023 Congress will cover a wide range of topics related to laboratory medicine in Africa, including the latest technical and policy developments, advancements in diagnostics, public health challenges, research findings, and best practices in the field.

Will there be opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange at the ASLM2023 Conference?

Absolutely! The ASLM2023 Congress provides many opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Attendees can participate in interactive sessions, engage with experts, join discussion forums, and connect with peers from various sectors to foster south-to-south learning and exchange of experiences.

Why is laboratory medicine important?

Laboratory services, networks, and systems are essential components of effective health systems. They play a crucial role in disease diagnosis, surveillance, outbreak investigation, therapy initiation and monitoring, as well as research and development.

What are the challenges confronting laboratory medicine?

Medical laboratories in Africa remain underdeveloped and struggle to meet the testing demands of rapidly growing health delivery services in the 21st century. This inadequacy in resources and diagnostic services results in compromised patient care due to misdiagnosis and improper treatment of diseases, presenting significant economic and public health challenges.

What is the role of ASLM in strengthening laboratory systems?

In response to the WHO Resolution AFR/RC58/R2 for strengthening public health laboratories in Africa and the 2008 Maputo Declaration on Strengthening Laboratory Systems, ASLM collaborates with governments, local, international organisations, implementing partners, and private sectors to achieve four main goals as follows:

1. Strengthen laboratory workforce through standardised training frameworks for professionals.
2. Enhance laboratory testing quality by enrolling facilities into improvement programs that adhere to international   
3. Develop robust regulatory systems for diagnostic products based on Global Harmonisation Taskforce guidelines.
4. Build a network of national public health reference laboratories promoting early disease detection as well as
 research efforts.

How do I retrieve my ASLM Membership number?

Instructions to retrieve your membership number can be found here   

What if I can’t remember or access the email address that I registered with?

The email address you signed up with is ASLM’s primary method of identifying you. This helps us avoid confusion between members who share the same name. If you no longer have access to the email address that you registered with, and you cannot remember your login password, you will need to re-register as an ASLM member and take note of your new credentials for future reference and to avoid re-registering in the future.

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