Visa Requirements

Entry requirements for South Africa

For the latest information on South African entry requirements, please select this link: Department of Home Affairs for the Republic of South Africa. 

  • Apply early! The recommended visa application processing time is 6 to 8 weeks. However, this is subject to change.
  • South Africa does not process visas upon arrival. Only select countries are able to enter without visas, so please check with your local embassy or consulate to determine your individual entry requirements.
  • Contact your local South African Embassy or Consulate for current information. For a list of locations, please select this link: South African Representation Abroad.
  • ASLM is not responsible for assisting with visa processes. A Letter of Invitation can be requested. Please note: ASLM cannot contact an embassy or consulate on your behalf.
  • Passport: You will need three clean pages in your passport on arrival. 

It is critically important for visa applications to be processed well in advance of your anticipated departure date. South African embassies frequently require appointments and/or in-depth biometrics, which can add weeks to the visa application process.

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